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Parasite Eyewear.

Year : 2019
Client : Parasite Eyewear


Digital Illustration : Orlando Elias Adam
Product photo : Orlando Elias Adam
Edition : Orlando Elias Adam

Creation of an annual campaign for the retro-futuristic eyewear brand (including visuals, catalog, POS, and the Stand at Silmo Paris) inspired by the world of the manga "Akira".

Booth installation : F&L Event
Booth photography : Claude Lepaire


Year : 2022
Client : Squall P



Art Direction : Orlando Elias Adam
Photoshoot : Orlando Elias Adam
Stylism : Orlando Elias Adam
Type/Logo : Orlando Elias Adam
Artwork : Orlando Elias Adam

Creation of the Squall P universe on the occasion of his first EP. Visuals, photo shoot, album cover, social and additional media content.


Production : LYN Corporation
Distribution : Kasanostra
Realisation : Le Donjon
Assist. Photo : Joan Vandierdonck

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